Curriculum Vitae


Mr. David C. Sanders was born in Lubbock, Texas October 8, 1946. He distinguished himself early as a leader and public speaker. When he graduated from Texas Tech University in 1969 he was one of 21 students selected from 20,000 Tech students for inclusion in the National Student Register and Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities. Over the next four years he did graduate work at SMU and the University of Texas at Austin, then counseling and advanced management training at the Hubbard Academy in Austin.

When he came to Los Angeles in 1975 he trained with Expansion Consultants, a pioneer in exporting the Management Technology developed by Mr. L. Ron Hubbard to business. At Expansion Consultants, Mr. Sanders completed an extensive consultant-training program and a one-year consulting internship. He consulted a wide variety of businesses, specializing in business analysis, goals, planning, management by statistics and turning around difficult, dangerous business situations. He has continued studies at the Hubbard College of Improvement in Florida since 1977 and Hubbard College of Administration in Los Angeles since 1989.

In 1977 Mr. Sanders became Consultant and Public Relations Manager for Executive Management Specialists in Los Angeles. Mr. Hubbard personally consulted this firm in how to deliver his management technology to businesses. Mr. Sanders handled a wide variety of businesses including retail stores and chains, computer companies, business start-ups, major corporations and professional practices. He gained experience in handling difficult client situations. He later started and helped successfully run the market research division where he helped launch a number of start-up companies and successfully introduced client products into major retail chains.

In 1979 Mr. Sanders was part of the team of instructors at first the University of Southern California (USC) Graduate course on the Hubbard Management System. He had his own weekly TV show for two years called “How to Survive and Prosper in Today’s World.”

To enhance his expertise in PR & marketing Mr. Sanders worked for two years in a Beverly Hills ad agency and PR firm. He began as Marketing Production Control Manager worked up to Director of Marketing. The firm’s primary marketing emphasis was on print advertising, newsletter and direct mail campaign development and production. He coordinated and ran teams of market research, ad design and production personnel. In PR they made clients well known and well thought of, as well as defensive PR to turn attacks on clients to the clients’ advantage. The firm concentrated on financial markets and high tech.

Mr. Sanders was Senior Partner in Modern Management Technology Consultants, a seminar firm, and did seminars and workshops for large corporations including a major auto manufacturer, department store chains, fast food chains and major corporations.

From 1986 through 1993 he was the top consultant at Sterling Management Systems. From this position he helped to make Sterling America’s #1 management consulting and training firm in its field. For one year he was made the executive in charge of troubleshooting the seminar and sales area. He took the company’s revenue from $80,000 per week to $500,000 per week in 6 months. Mr. Sanders returned from this assignment to a post created especially for him as Sterling’s “Advanced Consultant,” where his time was charged at $300 per hour when all other consultants were billed at $180 per hour. Here he became renowned for his ability to turn around even the most difficult situations, overcome insolvency, attacks from government agencies, etc. He gave many seminars around the US on every aspect of business. Mr. Sanders also became known as the “marketing guru.” and toured the US training business owners in PR & marketing. He started and ran the market research division for Sterling’s clients.

In 1993 he helped to start and build a new consulting firm, Management Success! He conducted the market research and developed the marketing that took them to number one in their field in less than two years. He set up introductory seminars, workshops, marketing for the company and for the clients, trade show presentations and the initial consulting programs. For two years Mr. Sanders intensively researched how to properly market businesses in tough situations where “the usual” did not work. Based on this he developed the Advanced Marketing Program and delivered it monthly for over a year to consistent rave reviews. He also delivered dozens of workshops on Management by Stats, Goals and Planning, Employee Handling and Financial Planning.

Mr. Sanders set up his own management consulting firm, David C. Sanders & Associates, in 1996. He named his product as “a highly profitable, viable business that runs smoothly and is fun.” He and his staff worked with a wide variety of businesses and professional practices. In response to his clients’ need for powerful marketing assistance, in 1997 he founded Market Domination Specialists! This company is dedicated to those clients who want to create “a huge and increasing market share by doing marketing right.” MDS! clients have included professional, service, high-tech and investment firms.

Due to his great success in helping Internet start-ups, in December 1999 he served as President of one of his client’s Internet start-ups, Over the next 15 months, in addition to continuing to consult key clients, he led that company to #34 on the entire Internet. During this time he merged his consulting activities with Master Consultant, Keith Legg and formed Advanced Business Management, a WISE Charter Member consulting firm. In this firm he consults high-tech firms, small businesses and professional practices.

Mr. Sanders has received numerous recognitions, including Who’s Who in California, Who’s Who in the West, Who’s Who in Finance & Industry, Who’s Who in the World and just last month Who’s Who in America 2000. He is happily married and resides in Clearwater Beach, FL.