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Productivity / Time Management / Paperwork Reduction for Professionals and Entrepreneurs:
We have worked with most professional disciplines and hundreds of industries, some very extensively. If you are in need of help from the best, click here for a quick rundown of our Professional Time Management Program. Contact us to determine if our firm handles your specialty.

Marketing Evaluation:
How effective are your efforts to generate new clients in today’s economy? Are you able to get the new clients you need regardless of the barriers? Our Marketing Evaluation analyzes your situation and proposes solutions to better capture the new clients you need to have a booming practice.

Check us out in 3 No-Risk ways:

  1. Receive a No-Cost Introductory Productivity / Time Management / Paperwork Reduction Consultation, a $600 value.
  2. Receive a No-Cost Marketing Analysis, a $500 value.
  3. No-Cost 100 question Epoch Business Analysis – covering executive skills, organization, client retention, finance, new clients, stress and more – with a 1-hour evaluation by a certified consultant, a $800 value.

Advanced Business Management’s Financial Planner Program
Over the last quarter century we have worked with many approaches to improving professional practices. Perhaps you have found, as we have, that it takes more than a one-day seminar here and there, a couple of articles, or some good advice from a friend to acquire the know-how for the success and profitability you desire in your practice.

From our experience, your best approach is to receive consulting by a certified professional consultant combined with an ongoing series of seminars and training courses designed to give you the ability to grow your practice the way you’ve dreamed of doing. You didn’t learn your financial planning skills overnight. We have not found that a professional can get all he/she needs to boom his/her practice in a day or two. It takes a clearly laid-out, step-by-step program for you and your staff, implemented with someone who is as dedicated as you are to your expansion and your practice’s viability.

At Advanced Business Management your Financial Planner Program consists of the following services:

Practice Analysis
You begin with an in-depth analysis of your practice based on information gathered from a series of surveys, tests and statistics. You and your consultant explore the current situations in your office and find out what is preventing or impeding you from achieving your goals. From this analysis your consultant formulates a step-by-step program which better organizes your practice, creates a powerful team to back you and rockets you toward your goals. This is the first step of your individual consultation once you enroll.

Management Courses
We have found that training is a key to results. Training is more than reading or listening to a lecture; it is gaining the ability to professionally apply the information you learn. This is why our clients train. Our courses train you to improve communication skills, interpersonal relationships, be more efficient, market professionally and more. You may do an apprenticeship on your training program so you actually learn to be skilled in the key areas where you would personally benefit most. You’ll get things done in far less time in your own business or practice.

The International Association for Continuing Education and Training, COPE and other associations have approved many of our courses and seminars.
Your consultant will recommend the appropriate professional training line-up you need from the wide variety offered. These include courses on communication, organization, management by statistics, how to get things done, handling personnel, becoming more efficient, etc.

Seminars and Webinars
The purpose of these seminars and webinars is to give you exact, specific successful actions from top professionals. We will have you and your staff working together, understanding what is necessary from each person in the office and how to best really expand the practice. These seminars are for you and the entire staff. They cover major areas essential to your success. The curriculum includes:

• Presentation & Sales
• Staff Job Descriptions
• Reading People – Emotional Tone Scale
• Communication Skills
• Getting & Retaining Abundant New Clients / Patients
• How to Organize Your Practice
• Improving Productivity and Efficiency / Paperwork Reduction
• Choosing, Hiring & Training Personnel
• Routing and Handling of Clients / Patients

Individual Consultation

Your program includes one-on-one consulting time. This ensures that implementation of the management tools actually occurs. The consultant assists you to fully handle your practice so that you achieve your goals.

If you think that this program could help you, your first step is to sign up for your FREE Practice Analysis NOW!